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About Me

My Name is Andre Luis, I am a Filmmaker based in London, Uk. Over 5 years of Cinema and Audiovisual studies and 3 years of freelance work, I have acquired experience in all different kinds of projects like Fiction, Documentary, Music Video, Commercial and Corporate videos. And experience in the different positions like Producer, Director, DoP and Editor.

The Skills

  • Knowledge in all steps of Video production
  • Videographer with DSLR, HDV and lightning skills
  • Experienced editor in various kinds of projects ( Short film, advertsing, corporate, music video, event, etc,.)
  • Quick learner, easily adapt to new hardware/sofware environments
  • Skilled in Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Premiere Pro, Apple Moton, Afer Efects, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Multlingual: Portuguese, English, "Spanish" :)